Join us the third Friday of each month at 4pm to start or work on your own art journal. For teens age 12-18. All new attendees receive their own mixed media paper journal to start. Various supplies available, but attendees are welcome to bring their own. Opportunities to try new techniques each month, or continue with your own work.

What is art journaling? Well, as the name implies, it’s journaling…with art. Maybe it’s words and images, maybe just images. The first rule, the only rule, of Art Journaling at Ainsworth Memorial is there all no rules.

Art journaling gives you an opportunity to express, process, record, and create, in whatever way you choose or feel in the moment, with no pressure to perform or strive for your best. It’s permission to say what you want, and freedom to create and experiment without concern for what others may think.

Maybe you’ll create your journal with a theme, maybe not. Maybe you’ll have a goal, like establishing a regular habit of creative self-care. We recommend that one.