The Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library welcomes gifts and donations (items; money), as space allows, which are consistent with the Library’s Mission Statement and in accordance with its Materials Selection and Collection Development policy.  The Library cannot accept donations of the following items: encyclopedias, medical books older than five (5) years old, Reader’s Digest Condensed books, and textbooks.   

It is the donor’s responsibility to establish fair market value or obtain expert assistance in establishing any value when assigning and documenting monetary value for tax purposes.  The Library will provide a donation form to be filled out by the donor and will be given a copy of the form, if requested.  

All gifts and donations accepted by the Library Director are accepted with the understanding that they are offered free of any restrictions.  Once donated, all gifts and donations become the property of the Annie P. Ainsworth Memorial Library.  The Library may sell, trade, loan, give away, or dispose of the gift(s)/donation(s) in any manner deemed by the Library Director to be in the best interests of the Library.  The Library Director will make the final decision on inclusion or disposition of materials. 

Approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on September 1, 2015; reviewed July 11, 2023.