Checking Accounts

Two approved Library Board members are required to sign checks for the Annie Porter Ainsworth Memorial Library’s checking account(s), with the exception of the Library Director’s account, which is signed by the Director.  Each month, the Treasurer will transfer funds from the Library’s operating account into the Library Director’s account for an approved amount for library purchases. The Library Director shall provide the Library Board with monthly reports on all library expenditures and give the Treasurer a copy of every receipt/invoice.

Genealogy Savings Account

The funds in the Genealogy Savings Account can only be used for genealogical expenses.  To withdraw funds, two approved Library Board members must sign the withdrawal slip.          

Petty Cash

The petty cash fund will be replenished every month by the Treasurer up to the cap of $75.00.  These funds will be used for incidental expenses only (to include but not limited to: making change, book sales, last minute programming needs).  All receipts accumulated for the month from the petty cash fund will be given to the Treasurer at the beginning of the following month.  The Library Director is responsible for the petty cash fund. 


Reimbursements shall not be given to anyone under any circumstance, except for mileage given to paid library staff who attend meetings or classes approved by the Library Board of Trustees.  Funding for all materials must come from the Library Director’s account or the Library’s Operating account or in emergency cases, the petty cash fund.  All materials must be approved by the Library Director prior to purchase.  

Approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 4, 2015; amended April 10, 2017; reviewed January 10, 2023.